Biggest smart phone companies

Let us discuss about the Biggest smart phone companies of the world. Because in present time the smartphones play very important role in human life. So here is the list of the top 10 smart phone companies:



Samsung is a Korean and private company. It was establish on 1 march 1938. So it is busy in the same field since 82 years. And its headquarter is located in South Korea. The founder of the company is Lee Byung-chul. The chairman of the company is Lee Kun-hee and its vice chairman is Lee Jae-yong. Its products are Apparel, Automotive, Chemicals, Consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, solid state drivers, DRAM, ships, telecommunications equipment, home appliances. 17% of South Korea’s GDP is of Samsung company. It is also rank 15th largest advertising agency. Samsung was start with only 40 employees. It comprises 80 other companies.



The apple company was founded on April 1 1976.It is in the existence since 44 years. It was found by Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne. Its headquarter is located in California, United states. So the chairman of the smart phone company is Arthur D. Levinson. And the chief Executive Officer is Tim Cook and COO is Jeff Williams. The products of the apple company are Machintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV, Homepod, mac OS, iOS, ipadOS, Watch OS, TV OS,iLife, IWork, final cut pro, Garageband, Shazam, Siri and many other products. Also the services provided by the company are Apple store, Genius bar, Apple Care, Apple pay and many others.



Huawei was establish in the year 1987. So it is apparently working in the same business since 33 years. Its headquarter is in China. It is a limited (Ltd) company. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company is Ren Zhengfei. The chairman of the company is Liang Hua. Honor is also the brand of the Huawei company. It had expand to develop telecommunication. So in the year 2019 huawei was employing 194000 people. In 2018 it was rank to be second largest manufacturers of phones.



It was found in the year 2001 and running its business successfully since 19 years. It is a subsidiary company. The founder of the Oppo company is Tony Chen. It provides its services over the world. It is mainly recognize for its smartphones in the market. The company had been register in China. It was launch in the year 2004. It became the top brand in the year 2019 and also it was 5th position in share market. The song was prepare by the Korean boy for the promotion of the product. Song was name as “Follow your soul”. It is famous to be the consumer electronic industry.



Vivo is recognize to be the consumer electronic industry. It was found in the year two thousand nine and working from 11 years in the same field. It is promptly known for its smart phone manufactures. The founder and Chief executive officer of the vivo industry is mister Shen Wei. It is a Chinese company. Its headquarter is situate in China. It has designed several models of smartphones. The recent launch of smartphone by Vivo company is Y50. It was launch in April 2020.



The OnePlus mobile company was established on 16 December 2013. It has been working since 6 years in the same field. Its headquarters is in Tairan building in chegongmiao. Pete Lau and Cari Pei are the founder of the OnePlus mobile company. It is the subsidiary type of company.

 They are serving worldwide. Their production includes smartphones, Earphones, Power banks, Oxygen OS, Phone cases, Shirts, Bags and televisions. Its main goal was to manufacture smartphones with the high quality at reasonable price. ‘Never settle’ is the tagline of the product and its symbol uses 1 and plus sign. The first launch of OnePlus in India was through Amazon on 23 April 2014.



Xiaomi company was founded on 6 April 2010. It is working since 10 years. The founder of the company is Lei Jun. It is a public company. Its headquarters is in Beijing. The CEO of the company is Lei Jun he is also the co-founder of the company. Second co-founder & president of the company is Lin Bin. It provides employment to 16700 people. It’s mainly production is smartphone. It also produces the smart televisions and wearable bands and many other. It has increased the product range. Its products are best in quality and reasonable at cost.



Lenovo smartphone company was establish on 1 November 1984. It is working in the same field since 35 years. It is a public company. Its headquarter is located in Beijing. The founder of the Lenovo company is Liu Chuanzhi. It serves the people worldwide. It was incorporate in Hong Kong in the year 1988. Its products are smartphones, desktops, servers, notebooks, tablet, computers, netbooks, super computers, peripherals, printers, televisions, scanners, storage devices. It had been list in Hong Kong stock exchange. It had sold its smartphone & tablet in 2008. Its mobile unit was rank 3rd in terms of unit.



LG smartphone company was established on October 1958 which was named as GoldStar and then after in the year 2003 it was renamed as the LG company It has started its business in electronic field since the January 1995 which was reincorporated in the year 2002.

 The founder of the company is Koo-In-hwol. It is the Public company. Its headquarter is in South Korea. LG’s chairman is Kwang-Mo-koo and vice chairman and CEO is Jo Seong-Jin. Its present president and CFO is Jung Do-Hyun. Its products are Television, Mobile Devices, Tablet computers, Smart Watches Washing Machine Air Conditioner and many other similar products. So 8300 people are employed in the company.



It is the telecommunication company. Sony was established on October 1, 2001. It is working since 18 years. Its headquarters is located in Japan. So it’s a Japanese company.

The key people of the smartphone company are Kunimasa Suzuki, Hiroki Totoki and Mitsuya Kishida. Because the production of the company includes Smartphones, Wearables, Systems, Smart devices and other accessories. In 2011 Sony acquired the stake of Ericsson and owned the Sony company. And in 2020 Sony company announced that they would incorporate Electronic product and solution, segment and sales and marketing at an engineering platform. So it has also sponsored many sports for example tennis tournament in Miami.


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