Corona Virus

Corona Virus

The origin of corona virus is China(according to rumors).It has being predicted that it has came from the  consumption various animals done by China. still the confirmed situation is not being noticed.Various countries are suffering from the Corona Virus. It is also known as covid-19. 

Spreading of Corona Virus:

It has been observed that the corona is being activated through the contact of person.Due to this reason many country has adopted the lockdown situation to avoid the increasing cases of Corona Virus .


The symptoms of corona Virus are as follow:

difficulty in breathing ,

feeling cold,

Having fever etc.


still the vaccines of Corona Virus is not being found. But the Corona Patients are being isolated in Isolation Ward.The person returned from abroad are being Quarantined at their home.To protect the pupil from Corona Virus is only the lockdown.Due to which distance can be maintained and We can fight against the Corona Virus.Many countries are attempting to find the Vaccines of Corona Virus.

precautions against Corona Virus:

We should maintain the Social distancing.

To stop the Corona Virus been spreaded various steps are been adopted by the Government.

We should adopt the Namastey inspite of being coming in contact.

To protect ourself from Corona Virus we have to co-operate the government’s decision of Corona Virus.

We should use the alcoholic senitiser.

While sneezing we should cover our face .

We should wash our hands and mouth in couple of minute.

If we feel ill we should not delay and go for a checkup .

We should keep the distance of atleast 1 cm.

We should stay at our home to fight against Corona Virus.

Steps taken:

Srtict steps are taken by Government to fight against Corona Virus.Public has also co-operated with the decision of Government .the non co-oprative persons are being punished.

Only the ladies are allowed to go for purchase of groseries.

Only the shops of Groseries and daily necessity product are allowed to open.

Social distancing is being strictly followed in India to stop Corona from spreading.

Total lockdown is adopted by many Countries to fight against Corona.

Compulsory wearing of mask is being imposed.

Poor people are provided with the food grains by the Government at Retail Price.

Current updates:

There are currently 2,000,734 confirmed cases and 126,776 deaths from the Corona Virus COVID-19 outbreak as of April 15,2020, 07:03 GMT.

Due to Current increasing status of Corona Virus COVID-19 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced to extend the lockdown till May 3 .

currently affected 1,389,127
Mild condition 1,337,524(96%)
Serious or critical 51,603(4%)
Cases with outcome 611
Cases in India:

Cases of Corona Virus in India has risen over 11,000 with 392 deaths, according to the health Minstry.

Maharashtra 2687 259 178
Tamil Nadu 1204 8112
Rajasthan 100514703
Madhya Pradesh 9876453
Uttar Pradesh 7355111
Gujarat 6955930
Telangana 64712018
Andhra Pradesh5031609
Cases Worldwide:

All the countries with the Super powers are also suffering with the critical situation of Corona Virus it includes developed,developing and under developed countries.Cases found in the different countries are as follow:

Country Cases Deaths
Spain 177633 18579
Italy 162488 21067
France 143303 15729
Germany 132210 3495
UK 93873 4777
China 82295 1403
Iran 76389  4440
Turkey  65111  3134
Belgium  33573    903
Netherland  28153  1214
Canada  27063  1557
Switzerland  26336    198
Brazil  25758    599
Russia  24490    393
Portugal  18091 126
Austria  14297  1203
Israel  12200    396
Sweden  11927    406

Contibution of Tabligi Jamat in Corona Virus:

with nearly a third of cases linked withNew Delhi gathering,Muslim missionary movement comes under intense scrutiny

New Delhi,India-

On any given day,the headquaters of muslim missionary movement,the Tablighi Jamaat,in the narrow lanes  of capital New Delhi’s Nizzamuddin area is full of activity,with hundreds of worshippers streaming in and out of the five-storey building.But,on March22 , authorities shut its doors-with about 2,500 worshippers still inside-after it emerged that a religious gathering organised by the group on March 13-15 caused the biggest Corona Virus spike in India.

Steps taken against them:

India tracks attendees after Muslim event linked to Virus Cases.

Pakistan quarantines 20000 following tabligh gathering in Lahore.

Of about 4400 cases of COVID-19 positive nearly a third are related to religious gathering at the Markaz,as the jammat headquaters is known.the government claimed more than 8000 people, including foreigners,visited the headquaters in early March.

“there was no screening 

even when there were reports 

that some people with

history of travel to markaz

had tested positive.”

Activities undertaken by the people in lockdown:

People are getting bored at their home.But also they are Co-operative to the government so they are performing various activities at their home.Some of them are as follow:

They are watching film

Watching a documentary

Writing a novel

They are doing tour ancient rome

Writting a play or a short film

Painting with bob Ross

Writting a song

Brushing up on the latest publication

Trying to fit themselves

Arranging a house party

Cooking new recipies

Playing indoor games

Learning a new language

Deep cleaning their houses

Decluttering their home

Building their own medieval city

Stretching themselves with yoga

Having a workout etc. 

above are the activities performed by the people at their homes. 

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