Current Education System in India

Today I am going to write an essay on the education system in India. There is a big question, Should our country’s education system change? After I have completed my study, personally I feel that there should be some upgrades in the education system for new India. Importance of education in human life. We live differently in the 21st century. This century is exceptionally associated with new technologies, high versatility, globalization, and many more things.

Indian education system does have a major issue of bad quality teachers. In rural primary schools, we barely see the talented staff, and this even occurs in colleges. Colleges appoint lecturers, there is no loss in recruiting newer talent but there should be talent. Primary schools, high Schools recruit the teaching staff which is not so good compared to other country’s standards. This area unit the people that area unit reaching to form the coming generation and if the standard isn’t maintained at this level then that’s a giant hurt to succeeding generation in creating. This is one among the raging issues in Indian education system. We can’t accuse the system completely for its failure.

The second things are exams and marks or parentage or grades. In India, A student is measured with his or her marks or percentage. Any extra talent, extra activities, practices are part of syllabus but that don’t have that much value in education. Talent cannot be measured by marks or any grades so we need to have a different measurement system which can measure the skills of students. Every kid has hidden talent, a system should provoke thought process so that they know their inclination early in the process. But it might take a long time to change this mark and number based system in India.

Next thing is New Technologies. Innovation, the world around changes so quick and employment as well. Jobs that were huge opportunities 10 years back are absolute currently. The education system ought to be in synchronize with the planet and innovation. Schools and colleges still need to teach basics but along with that, they should at least give the glimpse of what’s new happening in the world.

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