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ReferralCandy allow an individual to create affiliate network for the e – commerce business. ReferralCandy reviews includes that it allows you to create an affiliate network for your e-commerce. They configure everything you need to configure.

Referral Program:

Referral Program is method for recruiter to recognize talent by utilizing current employees’ social network. Employers institute program will pay referral fee to the employees when potential candidates are recommend for open position.
The referral program make mind up with Physical reward for referrals. So modern Programs or refer a friend program it uses software for tracking referrals made by the customers through referral code, reward code or referral link.
Referral serves information about individual so they are aware of relevant background information. there are 5 types of Referral program. Direct referrals that is word of mouth, Email Referrals, Incentive base referrals, Referrals from review, and Social media referrals.

1. Direct Referrals

Direct referrals are best advertising business website. it is long as companies have in existence. the example of Direct referral is Zappos

2. Email Referrals

Email marketing is n0ot only popular way to communicate but also it is effective. Best example for Email referrals is Dropbox.

3. Incentive base referrals

It is the best idea for branding offers incentive based referrals to customer and business partner. It encourage customer to become loyal by receiving rewards. Example if Incentive based referral is Harry’s.

4. referral from review

The referral in referral from review happens when customers review your business. It requires to create and claim pages on a review website. Its example is Zendesk.

5. Social Media Referrals

With Social Media it takes one share for company’s content to instantly reach the audience. Its examples are Pepsi’s emoji label campaign.

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The company was founded by Dinesh Raju and Zach Cheng in the year 2009. They both were graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. Its headquarter is in Singapore. Maythee Anegboonlap is the Software Engineer at ReferralCandy.

It is a Marketing and Advertising Industries. Company has 11 – 50 employees. It is Privately handled company. Company has the specialty in Referral Marketing, ecommerce, refer-a-friend program, referral program, customer referral, ecommerce software, and loyalty.
Customer has to customize for the brand and mention types of reward given to those who make referrals. Strategy of Referral Candy is digitization of word of mouth of all life. it is the best marketing strategies.
Small Business cannot afford the prices of Referral Candy because it is bit higher. its easy way for people to share products on social networks and generate community around the company. It is best for ecommerce stores who have at least 100 transactions per month.

About ReferralCandy:

It is easy to use and self serve software product. It also helps small and medium business to grow and become successful. Referral Candy store increase sales because by providing shoppers to concern with their friend. Its SaaS app accelerate word – of – mouth referral for online store worldwide.
Referral Candy connects instantly with popular ecommerce platforms or choose custom API and advance integrations. It also integrate with other marketing tool similar to AdRoll, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, ReCharge, Fomo or Chargebee and others.
Referral Rock Software is the alternative for Referral Candy. It is best for Growth Marketers, Ecommerce, SaaS, SMBs, Server providers. Post Affiliate Pro is also another alternative of Referral Candy it is best for the Small to Medium businesses who are desiring to start and manage their own affiliate programs.

Prices and Plans of ReferralCandy:

It also provides free trial for 30 days. Prices and Plans of Referral Candy are as follow:
first plan of referral Candy is Premium plan it costs $ 49 per month and it also has extra commission. Its features are Unlimited customers, Dashboard and data reports, live chat support and Automatic Fraud Protection.
second plan is Enterprise plan it cost $ 3,999 per month. Its features are Unlimited customers, Dashboard and data reports, Live chat support, Automatic Fraud Protection, Account Manager and Priority support.

Pros and Cons of ReferralCandy:

Every website has two points similar to the coin. Similarly Referral Candy has also two sides advantages and disadvantages or pros and cons. Let us discuss about it.

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It has Position of referral campaign and all of them is success because of it ReferralCandy reviews has good number of traffic and sign up from the sources.
On operating site it is important to grow customer base and to get referral traffic from existing customers. But
simplicity of setup and applying into WooCommerce marketplace. Rep was great in ensuring live and functional with ReferralCandy reviews.
It has good experience from long duration though not had much luck far getting referrals but it has more customers not the software.


It has no dashboard for recommend so it is hard to track their performance.
System is very tough if you are implementing you would not know.
It works but it has limited fraud check capabilities.
This were the pros and cons of the website so from this you might have got clear to start with it or not. we think it would be helpful to you.

Features of ReferralCandy:

The features of ReferralCandy reviews are also including Campaign Management, Lead Engagement, Rewards Management, Contact Management, and Referral Tracking. Referral Candy works with Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and also Google Analytics.

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ReferralCandy Reviews:

It is also known for offering high – quality customer service. So for growing the business online it provides service via research, blogging, and conversion.
Also it has no drawbacks in affiliate program tool with it an individual can create their own affiliate network. It is very useful to grow the brand in usable, with simplicity and very efficient way.

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