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Top 10 festivals of the World

Festivals is also known as occasion. Festivals is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and centering on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or cultures.

There are different types of festivals like Arts festival, Beer festival, Comedy festival, Esala Perahera festival, Film festival, Fire festival, Folk festival etc. The Festivals brings joy in everyone’s life.

Festivals are a way to express and celebrate glorious heritage, culture and tradition. They are for rejoice special moments and emotions in our lives, and connect us with the families.

Oktoberfest, Munich


Slip in to your lederhosen or dirndi and raise a toast to world’s biggest beer festival, Munich’s Oktoberfest. In September some seven million revelers fill Wiesen park for two weeks of oompah-pah bands and fairground rides as they work their way through 6 million litres of beer and 300,000 sausages. It is celebrated annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. In the tent only brass music is playing.

Las Fallas, Valencia

Las Fallas

Las Fallas is a Spanish festival and it brings overseas visitors specially for the event. It takes place in Valencia from 15th to 19th March every year. It is the first major festival of Spain.

Splitting the fire crackers are fired during Spain’s fiery Las Fallas festival is celebrate in march. Valencia’s highly explosive five-day festival in winter with fireworks, its celebration also includes bullfighting and parade approximately 400 ninots, gigantic papier – mache effigies go up in smoke a colossal bonefire on final night.

Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival

Rio carnival is organize before Lent (fasting season) and it is the biggest carnival in the world. More than 2 million people visit carnival per day. It is fill with revelers, floats and adornments.

One of the top 10 festivals in the world, it is a five day Rio carnival is a sexy, glittering, samba infused extravaganza. Parties on Copacabana beach and throughout the city build up to all night samba parade where dancers flamboyant float and transvestites take to the streets.

Elephant festival and Holi, Jaipur

elephant festival

The Elephant festival is celebrated in Jaipur every year. It creates attraction of tons of visitors from all over the world. And also the Holi festival of Jaipur is very famous in the world.

Spectacular parades of 6-ton elephant in all their finery, elephant polo and tug of war matches draw crowds to Jaipur in spring. Traditional Elephant festival ties in with Holi. Indian festival of colors, where local go crazy with multicolored powder and water pistols.

Festival Douz

festival Douz

Festival Douz is celebrated in the beginning of November. It attracts a huge crowd from all over the world. Near grate dune it takes place their large concrete grandstand has been erect to handle the big crowds.

Sleepy Saharan oasis for much of the year, Douz in Tunisia leaps to life for the four-day Festival Douz in December. So it has Camel races, Berbers performing gravity-defying stunts on horseback and entrancing belly-dancing performances play out against a backdrop of rolling sand dunes.

Boston Harborfest


The festival Boston Harborfest is a 39 – year – old tradition celebrating Boston’s maritime and revolutionary history. It is a family friendly festival celebrate in Boston. So the festival consists many activities.

USA throw party to celebrate independence on 4 July but nowhere does that star spangled banner fly higher than in Boston. Approximately 2 million people flock to the waterfront Harborfest, 6 fun packed days of marching bands, concerts, fireworks, whale watching cruises and foodie events.

St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin

Patrick's day

Saint Patrick’s Day is also famous as feast of Saint Patrick. It is officially Christian feast day in early 17 Century and So it is celebrate by catholic Church and many other people.

For the best craic ever, book a hotel in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Festival in March, so 5 days of Guinness guzzling ceilidh-dancing and non – stop merrymaking in honour of Ireland’s patron saint. Live music, theatre, fireworks, puppeteers and festival parade entertain 1.5 million festival goers.

Calgary Stampede, Canada

Calgary stempede

It is an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival. festival is organize in July in Canada. It is a ten – day event. So Calgary Stampede festival attracts over one million visitors per year and has a features of one of the world’s largest rodeos. The roots of the festival are trace in the year 1886.

Like scene from a John Wayne Western, the Calgary stampede is 10 action pack days of professional rodeo, bucking broncos, steer-wrestling and death defying chuckwagon races. Also  Fireworks, fairground rides, live country music and comedians add to festival fun in July.

Night of the Witches, Mexico

night if witches

On the first Friday in the month of March, witches, healers and shamans descend on Catemaco, Mexico, for the spellbinding Night of the witches. So a must for Harry potter fans, this hilltop festival combines dancing feasting and music with sorcery from fortune – telling and tarot-reading to spiritual cleansing.

Chinese New Year, Hong Kong

Chinese new year

The Chinese New Year is celebrate in the beginning of new year on a Chinese Calendar. So it is commonly refer to be the spring festival. It’s the most important holiday in China. It is strongly influence by Lunar New Year celebration such as Losar of Tibet and China’s culture.

Flamboyant dragon and lion dances, agile acrobats and marching bands fill the lantern – lit streets of Hong Kong for Chinese New Year in January or February. Also Devout locals flock to city’s temples for their fortune. Festivities climax in a dazzling firework display over Victoria Harbour.


Festivals distract the people from their routine. It also helps the individual to remove the exhaustless from their life. They brings enthusiasm and inspiration in the people to work.

It brings the memorable moment in an individual’s life. And also gives you positive energy. Festivals were start to pass the legends, knowledge and traditions onto the next generation.

Every festival is related to culture. And they connect citizen to important moment of a nation’s history. So festival keep connection with roots, culture, origin and preserve it. They relieve from monotomy of life. festival helps to forget enmity and embrace one another and create bond of love, an environment of cultural harmony.  So we should enjoy every festival and also make them memorable.


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